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Range Rules

1. DO NOT dry fire your bow. (Releasing string without arrow.)
2. Be courteous to others.
3. Yell “clear” and make sure it is clear before retrieving arrows.
4. Straddle the black line when shooting.
5. High draws not permitted. (Pointing upwards at 35° or greater)
6. Shoot a maximum of six (6) arrows per end/round.
7. Arrows may only have practice points. (Bullet or Field Points)
8. Walk; do not run to and from your target.
9. No intoxicated person, alcohol, or controlled substances allowed.
10. Parents are responsible and liable for their minor children.
11. Customer may be held financially liable for any damage to property.
12. No running
Release of Liability

I, my agent, assigns, executors and administrators, for the consideration of being allowed to enter, rent, and use the facilities, bows, arrows, and services at Flight Archery Studio, and for other valuable consideration, do hereby absolutely and unequivocally agree to release and save harmless Flight Archery Studio and its agents, employees, instructors, assigns from any claim, demand or liability whether claimed by myself or another arising out of injury, loss or disability connected with the above use of facilities and services. I have read the above statements and understand the rules and regulations of Flight Archery Studio. I will fully comply with all of the above statements.

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